Download Free 3D Model Soft Mount for Flight Controller (FC) and Power Distribution Board (PDB)

I wanted to design an option for soft mounting my flight controller and power distribution board. These are intended to be printed with a semiflex filament. M3 screws will fit through the holes. I recommend using M3 nylon screws.
SoftMount_PDBv2 – this model has 4 screw columns. It can be used for a Power Distribution Board, 4-in-1 ESC, or a Flight Controller. Since it only has 4 screw columns, it may still transfer some vibrations- but this option is easy to mount, as it will go directly into your frame (assuming it is for a 36x36mm board, with 30.5×30.5 mounts- this is what most F3/F4 flight controllers, such as the Naze 32 are).
SoftMount_FC_PDBv2 – this model has 8 screw columns. 4 of the columns are intended to be mounted to your frame, and the other 4 are used to mount your board. When using this mount, you will need to update your flight controller configuration so it knows that your board is rotated 45 degrees.
Use M3 nylon screws and nuts to secure the screws. You will need a screw long enough to go through the columns for the flight controller. You will need a longer screw for your frame (depending on frame thickness). For the flight controller, I think a 10mm 3M screw should work, and give you enough for a nut, but it would be good to double check.
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Use a flex filament. I am printing with a Titan e3d extruder and need to print around 15-20mm/sec. This is a tricky print with flex.

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