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Premium & Free 3D models ready to be used in your 3D projects such as films, visualizations, games, VR etc. 3D Models and 3D Print Models are available for download in several formats including .MAX, .FBX, .C4D, .3DS, .STL, .OBJ, .BLEND, .DWG, .DXF, .LWO and much more. If you’re in search of high-quality 3D assets, we have a huge library of 3d models for any of your needs. Also you can visit All 3D Models category.

$n/a Lady Dimitrescu 3D Model

Персонаж выполнен на программе Блендер -2,74 …. пользуйтесь на здоровья друзья ….. лично я создаю мультики Желаю всем добра друзья…

$n/a M4 3D Model

Additional laser, suppressor and angled grip models are included. (Laser beam in thumbnail from Custard’s ARX200 Assault Rifle publication, not…

$n/a Characters Partisans 1941 3D Model

3д модели всех персонажей из игры “Partisans 1941” (из папок где тела, головы, ноги, шляпы, вы можете собрать еще персонажей.)