Download 3D Model 2s19 Msta-s 3D Model

The 2S19 Msta (Russian: Мста, after the Msta River) is a 152.4 mm self-propelled howitzer designed by the Soviet Union, which entered service in 1989 as the successor to the 2S3 Akatsiya. The vehicle has the running gear of the T-80, but is powered by the T-72’s diesel engine.Specifications:Msta-S specifications provided by manufacturerRange:24.7 km (15.3 mi) standard round28.9 km (18 mi) base-bleed36 km (22 mi) rocket-assistedRate of fire: 6–8 rounds per minuteWeapon elevation: ?4° to +68°Weapon traverse: 360°Deployment time: 22 minutesUnit of fire: 50 rounds

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