Download Free 3D Model Dog Tag Bone Trim Ring for Collar

Made this for my dogs noisy metal name tag on their collars. Bone shape which is popular from online retailers.
The ring is best made from TPU or similar.
Blank from PLA or similar.
Print blank
Start trim ring print and stop just before overhang layer begins
Insert blank into object cavity
Finish print
Remove blank
First tried printing with supports, which made for a messy print on the upper layers due to the overhang. Overcame it by printing a filler piece from PLA first then stopping the print just before overhang layer began, inserting the filler piece, and restarting the print. When complete, toss the filer piece or reuse on another print. Works like a charm. No more noisy dog collars!
Print Settings
Printer Brand:
Prusa Printer:
Prusa Mk2 Rafts:
No Supports:
No Resolution:
0.2mm Infill:

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