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Solid. Rocket. Boosters.
These are the words that best describe the engines on this beautiful bird. Claimed to be the fastest civilian aircraft in the world, this plane can eat up a mile of sky in just six seconds, crusing comfortably over Mach 0.90. Cessna went about designing this airplane in response to the reputation the Citation line held as a slower fleet of business jet aircraft. To compete with rival Learjet in the high-speed market, the Citation X was created. The aircraft was designed largely from scratch, a significant departure from the rest of the Citation line.
This was a really fun build. I’ve loved the look of this airplane for a long time and it was a pleasure designing. The sweeping curves on the underside of the fuselage were challenging to create, as were the highly swept winglets, which due to their thin profile may experience difficulties in printing. I will be running this through a series of previews and renders in an attempt to improve printing stability while not sacrificing accuracy to the real thing. Enjoy!
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