Download Free 3D Model Syanna Buckle Set – The Witcher 3D Print Model

About The Model
Here we have a pair of buckles for Sylvia Anna’s (Syanna’s) outfit in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
They are used as follows:
Large buckle – upper waist – 55mm strap.
Small buckle – lower waist – 25mm strap
Obviously being plastic these have a limit on their weight bearing compared to metal, so I suggest a hidden secondary support on the belts, This being said, the largest one has been tested bearing up to 30kg of weight (in PLA at 100% infill) and passed not breaking, so are more resilient than expected.
Support Me
Though I provide this print for free, if you’d like to shout me a coffee or support my work (Patreon’s will get future files earlier than everyone else) – all of which helps me create more of these free models – you can do so on the following links:
If you’re interesting in commissioning other buckles from the Witcher series, or any other file, feel free to contact me on here.
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