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 This is a 3D model of Lola Bunny, character based on a Looney Tunes universe (rigged body, rigged clothes, rigged face) Originally created in Maya 2016, mental ray materials, the model works the same in Maya 2017 as well, if mental ray is not installed it automatically uses Arnold instead.////////// General Info \\\\\ The product containts the model of Lola Bunny and three clothes sets. + it containts rigged basketball. The deformers used in this product: skin cluster, cluster, lattice, mush, wrap, shrinkwrap, blendshape, muscle. Clothes are not based on clothe simultaion, it’s work based on deformers and rigging. !Note that model may not properly work in older versions of maya because some of deformers are simply lacking in older versions! Not a single non-quad polygon in a whole product (100% quads) The model equipped with the corrective blendshapes. All the demonstrative images were rendered with mental ray.////////// Rigging \\\\\ The model has switchable IK and FK controllers. (To switch between IK and FK mode you need to place “K” letter after “I” or “F” letters) Body can take any extreme pose thanks to long time skinning, rigging and corrective blendshapes////////// Face \\\\\ Mouth has 9 controllers. Tongue is rigged too and has 4 controllers to move and rotate it. Eyes are very easy to animate and pose as well, “smart blink”, pupil size and eye squeeze are available as attributes in the channel box. All facial joints are attached to curves and it makes all the manipulations very smooth and dynamical, and also have corrective blendshapes.////////// Textures \\\\\ Product containts nine textures, including bump maps. All UV mappings are not overlapping.  Feel free to contact me and if you have any questions write me anytime i will answer it ASAP.

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Formats: Maya (.ma, .mb) - v2016


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