Download 3D Model P-51 Mustang Sport Serious HP

This Mustang model was originally developed for the Discovery Channel Showdown Air Combat. It is built very near to scale and is fully textured. This model is detailed to include cockpit, engine, cowlings, engine mounts, seat and radio equipment are modeled. Controls, instrument panels and many cranks and switches are modeled in the cockpit. Many features are animateable including ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevators, main and tail landing gear and doors, and the cockpit canopy opens. Propellers are animated.        The later upgrade replaced many modeled parts, the textures for the wings and rebuilt the cockpit to include the additional details. Engine, oil reservoir, mounting arms, mounts, oil cleaner intake duct, fuel lines and spark plugs are also modeled. The cowling panels on either side can be removed to reveal the engine. These panels are just like what is found on the real Mustang allowing more realistic views of the aircraft undergoing maintenance. Landing gear features were added, spar, wing fuel tank are included in the wings. You see the rear fuel tank in the fuselage behind the seat. The Fuselage Fuel Tank is modeled as well as a nicely done set of electrical equipment and radios behind the pilots seat.

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Formats: 3ds Max 13


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