Download Free 3D Model Tile Shader

Sorry, I do not speak English and use Google Translate.
This is a tile shader.
Textures are present for the sample. Are completely free. No HDRi included
Adjust diffuse images for two tiles. (If one image on both inputs, then the tile is monophonic, otherwise it’s staggered). It is possible to connect an RGB node instead of images.
The Mapping node scale adjusts the size of the tiles. (For example X3.330 Y5.000 corresponds to the size of 200mm * 300mm)
Also here you can set images for Bump.
The Tile_Shader allows you to adjust the Bamp force for tiles and seams separately.
The Shader frame allows for more precise material adjustment using RGB curves.
Thank you for attention. Once again, I’m sorry for the translation into English.

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Formats: .blend


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