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Download 3D Model Swing Stage Maintenance Platform

Swing Stage Maintenance Platform. This royalty free 3D model or texture is available for download now!
A window cleaning and maintenance platform/bucket. Low and High Polygon models provided.
The Native format is Modo 701 provided with all materials as seen in the rendered screenshots, just place in an environment, duplicate, distribute and render.
Modelled to industry standards as a pure quad hard surface mesh.
Unwrapped UV’s are provided in all formats that support them.
Full attention to detail for close-up shots, ideal for advertising, architectural visualization, cinematic animation, photorealistic rendering and background sets for green screen compositing.
2x models included. A low polygon model with a hard surface and a high polygon model suitable for both hard surface or subd rendering.
2x unique texture maps are provided per model, totalling 4x 2048x2048px maps.
Each model comes with an indirect diffuse/lighting texture map for fast rendering and combining with your own diffuse maps.
Each model comes with a tighly controlled Ambient Occulsion map for deeper shading and as a template for your own grime maps etc.
The textures provide a great deal of control of the models look and allow for quick generation of your own diffuse map for project integration.
Both low and high poly models are pure quad, fully clean model that can be easily used with an instancing system for mass coverage of a set or environment scene.
You won’t be disappointed!.
As a 3D Squirrel exclusive model this isn’t available anywhere else and is fully supported by our team.
Don’t forget to download the included Textures file too!
(Low Poly version has 43194 polys and 48689 verts.)

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Formats: FBX (.fbx)


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