Download 3D Model Porsche Panamera 4s Sport Turismo 2018 3D Model

—————————————————————————————                High detailed model created by SQUIR team.—————————————————————————————Ready to render at 3dsmax with VRAY.It was rendered at 3dsmax 2015 with vray3.20Rendering scene with all lightning, materials, background setups is included only for 3dsmax2015 vray3 format.3dsmax 2010 format is also included, but without lightning/rendering studio setups and with standard materials only.Other than 3dsmax files (3ds,fbx,lwo,c4d,obj) include only standard materials without advanced shadders or background setup.All of our models was made on the 3dsmax, and we are able to provide uncollapsed modifier stack only for the 3dsmax. but if you’d need the lower polygon version at other programs, please contact with the support, and we will convert the reduced mesh to requested format. The lowest available meshsmooth level is shown at the wire view, next to the hipoly wire view.For this product there’s 3 different 3dsmax files included.’Set’ is uncollapsed, it’s a file where you can make changes at the model. ‘Hipoly’ is collapsed to hipoly with all the modifiers history cleaned to make it trouble free while using at other programs’Studio’ is the file with all rendering setups that we used to make the previews renderings.Because of different Disk topology at different computers it might be required to change the textures path at the destination computer.—————————————————————————————                Thank you for buying SQUIR models—————————————————————————————

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