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____ Pineapple 3D MODEL ____Modeled in 3DS MaxPresentation images rendered with Vray 3.0***************************************************> FEATURES:- High quality polygonal model of a Pineapple- 4096×4096 Textures- Ready-to-Drop File: File does not include background, lights, or any other object not linked with the actual model. – The Object is correctly scaled and centered at the origin- Objects, Materials and Textures are properlly named and logically grouped.- All texture paths are flat. – Clean Geometry- No N-GONS: Quads and Triangles only- Smooth function can be used to increase mesh resolution if necessary.**************************************************> POLYGON COUNT:One Pineapple=- BASE MODEL.POLYS: 7736VERTS: 4002- 1 iterationPOLYS: 30980VERTS: 15624- 2 iterationPOLYS: 123920VERTS: 12703************************************************> FORMATS: (This Model has been tested in the following formats, Geometries and textures loaded succesfully)           .MAX (3DSMAX – Contains vray and standard materials).MA (MAYA).MB (MAYA).C4D (Cinema 4D).FBX (Multi Format).OBJ (Multi Format)**********************************************- Check our profile to see other Fruit Models.- We hope you like this model, send us an e-mail if you have any question or suggestion to make, your feedback help us improve our work.

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Formats: 3ds Max 2015


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