Download 3D Model Ford F-100 1956 3D model 3D Model

This is a model of a Ford F-100 1956.* Originally created with 3ds Max 2012|| SPECS ||* This model contains 97 separate objects* This model contains 174 607 polygons with MeshSmooth OFF* This model contains 698 282 polygons with MeshSmooth 1 iteration ( applied on all objects, each element ready to subdivision).* This product includes 3ds Max 2012 versions for V-Ray (separate downloads) and mental ray (no additional plug in needed, separate download)* This model contains 99% 4 sided polygons and no Ngons.Scene Totals: Objects: 113 Shapes: 0 Cameras: 1 Lights: 1 Helpers: 2 Space Warps: 0 Total: 117Mesh Totals: Verts: 640554 Faces: 632764IITEXTURESII2048 x 2048 x11024 x 1024 x82048 x 1548 x22048 x 1024 x2|| GENERAL ||* Model is built to real-world scale* Units used: Centimeters. Model is 479 cm long.* Scene objects are organized by layers and groups.|| ADDITIONAL NOTES ||* .3ds and fbx file format does not have textures/materials applied and will not render like the preview images.* File formats other than 3ds Max exported as base mesh (not smoothed)’* modeling based on photos available on Google

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Formats: 3ds Max 2012


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