Download 3D Model Flight Line Air Conditioner 3D Model

An air conditioning vehicle used in civilian airports, based upon the Thor 600 by HDT International.This model is fit for general visualization but not real time/video games.Rendered and issued in polygonal form. Geometry is not fit for subdivision, it’s mostly quads with some 1% of triangles and its shading is set at 35 degrees.Exported at the origin with frozen transforms.This model is completely unwrapped with a mix of overlapping/non overlapping UVs.Objects, textures and materials are logically named. Four materials, each with a set of 4 textures in Png format. three sets are 2048×2048 in size one set is 1024×1024 Each set includes diffuse, specular, glossiness and normal maps.Objects, materials and textures names match.Textures for all formats of this product are packed into a dedicated zippedarchive (in the Support Files section).Alternate pristine textures sets are also issued as a separate download. Blender Cycles materials might need rebuilding when imported into an applicationother than Blender, but is exported correctly to .Fbx as a Phong material.The HDRI setup I used int the renders is NOT included. The Blender file includes a 3 points light rig instead.

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