Download 3D Model Cessna 175 Skylark V03 3D Model

This 3d model Cessna 175B Skylark is built very near to scale of actual general dimensions. This model is fairly detailed, it has good exterior detail and includes some cockpit detail and modeled seating viewable through the windows. It has a modeled engine also textured. The pitot tube and fuel vent are also included in the geometry.It has many animateable features including ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudder. Propellers are animated. It is fully textured and comes in several different formats. This model was updated in February 2017 with engine, geometry changes including additional detail in the cockpit and instrument panel, engine mount exhaust wing and navigation lights. The Cessna 175B Skylark was a development from the Cessna 172 using a larger 175 cylinder driving a larger 6 foot propeller. It was not quite as fast as the Cessna 182 and filled a niche between the Cessna 172 and 182. There were additional refinements to the airframe for the increased weight of the larger engine and fuel tanks.

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Formats: 3ds Max 13


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