Download 3D Model Baby Bath 3D Model

1 object5 Textures1 UVWeights of selected0.8 download0.2 Physics0.5 server772 displayland impact games1 select32 rezzed on280 remaining capacity312 total capacity• size (meters)• X 1.07083• Y 0.50679• Z 0.71984• Batch uploads have never been easier!• Hi there first time user! This is how our batch upload process works. Do not forget to pay special attention to your file structure.Mesh information:LOD Num triangules triangle 3568 Vertices 1790 – Faces 3568Object LOD behaviour:Object radiusLOD factorsDefault YourLOD Swap LL FS 3.000High Med 3.2 5.8 8.7Med Low 13.0 23.1 34.7Low Lwst 26.0 46.2 69.3This table shows the LOD change boundaries in metres from the camera.

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