Download Free 3D Model OpenSCAD HD Stepper Motors and Gearbox mockups 3D Print Model

This is an OpenSCAD library for displaying high detail, visually accurate stepper motors, with or without gearbox, for use in mockups of larger assemblies (eg. a RepRap 3D printer, or other robots).
There are Nema11 and Nema17 versions currently, but the script could probably be adapted for other sizes of stepper motors as well..
This model is not intended to be 3D printed, but for visualizing in OpenSCAD, checking fit of assemblies, making pretty screenshots and animations, etc.
Motor and gearbox internals are not modeled accurately(or at all!), their beauty is only skin deep.
This script requires the Open Source BOLTS library by jreinhardt for the hex cap bolts.

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Formats: stl


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