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A collection of four high quality models of various old brick factories ready to enhance the quality of any of your rendering or real-time game projects.Model settings:These models have been meticulously checked for errors and issues several times over to ensure quality and error free operation. As with all products in my library all entities have proper names, applied origin points etc.These models object settings are as follows:Origin point for all mesh objects: 0,0,0Rotation point for all mesh objects: 0,0,0Object scale for all mesh objects: 1,1,1Built for subdivision: NoPolygon type: Quads/TrisFull light setup included: Yes, ready to render just as the previews.Full camera setup included: Yes, ready to render as shown in previews, including the turntables.Per building poly count/model dimensions:(sizes are in meters)Building01: Verts: 5047 Faces: 4522 Tris: 9014 | X-Axis: 10.06 Y-Axis: 12.66 Z-Axis: 10.03Building02: Verts: 5465 Faces: 4979 Tris: 9932 | X-Axis: 6.06 Y-Axis: 12.66 Z-Axis: 10.03Building03: Verts: 6564 Faces: 5943 Tris: 11850 | X-Axis: 8.46 Y-Axis: 12.66 Z-Axis: 10.03Building04: Verts: 4874 Faces: 4314 Tris: 8616 | X-Axis: 16.06 Y-Axis: 12.66 Z-Axis: 6.34Number of materials: 1, all four models share the same material setupName of material(s):Factory_MatTextures:This product contains 4 texture maps ready for use with the models, examples of these can be found within the preview images.All four models are built for the same set of texture maps.Texture size: 4096x4096pixels in .png formatFactory_DiffuseFactory_NormalFactory_GlossFactory_ReflectionSoftware usage:This model is made using Blender with intent for export to intermediary formats such as .FBX, as with all my products the files contain no software specific content that would impede your workflow no matter what software solution happens to be your choice. Rendered previews:Previews were rendered using the Cycles rendering engine and have had no post work done to them after the rendering process.Thank you for your consideration and interest in this product.-Symmetria

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Formats: Blender 2.78


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