Download 3D Model CR-56 AMAX (with some attachements) 3D Model

Attachments included: VLK 3.0x Sight + XRK Zodiac S440 + Muzzle Break + Horizontal GripNote that the materials were setup in a way to incorporate the unique MW 2019 textures such as the cmask which plays in some way with the roughness map for example. You can try to play with the materials if you want but hopefully based on the screenshot you can see the final result looks really close to the in-game render.To keep things non-destructive when swapping out the stock barrel with the XRX Zodiac long barrel, I’ve utilized a mask modifier on the base gun mesh to hide the stuff including the stock 30 round mag, but you can just as easily go to vertex groups and select the magazine mesh and de-assign it from the ‘HIDE’ vertex group.

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