Download 3D Model Twist Tampico Sofa 3D Model

1880 x 880 x 1000mm – 24k polys Two similar sofa options. Difference in utyazh on the side parts. 1)  2) 
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The tabs are made using the displace map with a resolution of 4096×4096 and the displace modifier. To get good quality of folds through the displace modifier in the turbosmooth modifier in the Render Iters window, it is advisable to set 2-3 iterations.
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Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in some materials in the BRDF section there is a Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward – which is preferable to you.
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All items have the correct scan
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Scene in mm

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Formats: 3dsMax 2011 + obj (Vray)


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